Transport workers declare a National Day of Action to make rail & public transport a key election issue

Rail and public transport workers have taken their #FixMyRide campaign to the streets today, encouraging commuters to vote for better public transport on 2 July.

NDOA_pic_Dunkley.JPGRail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) National Secretary Bob Nanva said #FixMyRide campaign volunteers have been out at train stations in marginal seats around the country collecting signatures on the Fix My Ride petition.

“Commuters are sick and tired of crowded trains, unreliable services and long hours spent travelling to and from work,” Mr Nanva said.

“Transport congestion is also a dead weight on the national economy, and it requires a national solution. Building roads is only half the answer.  Our major cities need better public transport, and they need it now.

“That’s why we need our national politicians to take action, and to start investing in better public transport networks.”

Election issue

Mr Nanva said public transport and rail infrastructure was emerging as a key issue in battleground marginal seats where sitting Liberal and National MPs were vulnerable to small swings.

“Malcolm Turnbull has proven to be more interested in taking photos of himself funding real projects.

“Australian commuters are sick and tired of Malcolm Turnbull’s shallow brand of vanity politics. They just want someone to fix their ride.

“With transport emerging as a key election issue, a number of Coalition MPs in marginal seats are looking extremely vulnerable.”