Fix My Ride Petition

Sick of being stuck in a traffic jam, or trapped in a crowded train?  Frustrated that Governments can find billions to spend new roads but continually forget about our railways?

Sign the petition: tell Australia’s politicians to invest in rail and public transport and #FixMyRide.

Fix_My_Ride_1080.jpgInvestment in rail and public transport is essential to reducing transport congestion, improving safety on our roads, and boosting the productivity of our economy.

If the Federal Government can find billions of dollars for roads, then it can, and should, fund rail and public transport as well.

Public transport doesn't run on selfies, it's time Federal politicians backed rail and public transport.

I support greater Federal Government investment in rail and public transport.

Who's signing

Panda Lim
Chris Schmidt
Roger Barsony
Emily Christ
Tobias Wood
Jarvis Hinton
Max Atkinson
Nick Rogers
Michaela Savina
Konstantine Bekiaris
Amy Elizabeth
Graham Ey
Allan Anfilow
Anna Langford
Chris Walters
Sarah Yates
Max Atkinson
Peter John Hanson
Tomas de Bhaldraithe
Esther Field
Greg Standen
Natalie Brown
Liz Howlett
Louise Matthiesson
Bryan Grehan
Melanie Montgomery
andrew russell
Angela Nanson
Sean Hutchison
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