Would you leave Homer Simpson in charge of driverless vehicles?

The announcement of a $10 million fund for driverless vehicles is a disaster waiting to happen under incompetent NSW Minister for Transport Andrew Constance, according to the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU).

homer.jpgRTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva today said the people of NSW could have no faith that the introduction of driverless vehicles onto local roads would be managed sensibly and safely.

"Andrew Constance has said that new technology like driverless cars was like 'something out of the Jetsons'.

"The last thing that NSW needs is Jetsons-style technology being run by a Homer Simpson-style Minister.

"Driverless vehicles undoubtedly offer potential benefits, but international experience shows that they also can present dangers.

"Transport workers are extremely concerned about rushing in the application of new technology before it has been proven to be suitable to local conditions.

"And given Mr Constance's record of buying trains that don't fit into tunnels, rushing out a rail timetable without enough staff to deliver it, and of course the 'McFerryFace' fiasco, it's no wonder that workers and the community are so sceptical.

"Mr Constance should focus on core business, like sorting out the mess that he's made of the Sydney light rail project."