Turnbull's city hoax is all show and no dough

Australian commuters have been left stranded after Malcolm Turnbull’s much-hyped Smart Cities policy failed to deliver any new funding for any public transport projects anywhere in the country.

All_show_no_dough.jpgRail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) National Secretary Bob Nanva said the Prime Minister’s Smart Cities policy was nothing but cruel hoax on Australian commuters.

“Public Transport doesn’t run on selfies, and doesn’t run on empty promises, it runs on cold hard cash.

“Talking the talk about value capture and alternative funding mechanisms is well and good.  In fact the RTBU has been pushing this agenda for years, and the Liberals are only now starting to get on board.

“But unless the Government’s cities policy is backed up by a dedicated fund, with real money that State Governments can access for real projects, then it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

“The people of Australia have come to learn that Malcolm Turnbull is all show and no dough.  He talks big but doesn’t deliver.

“Today’s announcement is con job to convince people that Malcolm Turnbull is serious about public transport even though he’s not prepared to put a single cent into public transport infrastructure.”

Magic Pudding

Bob Nanva said value capture funding mechanisms offered great potential, but were not a magic pudding.

“Value capture should be seen as a supplement to traditional government funding, not a substitute.  Malcolm Turnbull looks like he’s just seized on a new buzzword to justify his failure to put any money into public transport.

“The RTBU will not let Malcolm Turnbull get away with this scam.  We will campaign heavily between now and the Federal election to demand genuine commitment to public transport from all sides of politics.”