Train and tram workers to take privatisation fight to SANFL Grand Final

Footy fans will be able to blow the whistle on the Marshall Government’s privatisation agenda, with workers planning to distribute thousands of ‘Our Trains and Trams, Not for Sale’ postcards outside the SANFL Grand Final.


Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) South Australian Secretary Darren Phillips said the Premier has been caught holding the ball on privatisation.

“Reliable and affordable public transport is essential for getting large numbers of people to events like the SANFL Grand Final at Adelaide Oval,” Mr Phillips said.

“The Marshall Government has already cut funding for Footy Express bus services.

“Now train and tram service will also be at risk, with the Government handing them over the private operators who care more about making profits than making sure people can get to the footy on time.”


Workers will invite footy fans to sign the postcards outside the ground.  The postcards will be collected on the spot, and delivered to Premier Stephen Marshall in the next few weeks.

Already thousands of postcards have been signed by South Australian public transport users.

“It is clear that the people South Australia do not support the privatisation of services,” Mr Phillips said.

“It has been over 80 days since the Marshall Government announced South Australia’s train and tram services would be outsourced to the private sector, without presenting a business case or any financial modelling.

“The Minister for Transport, Stephan Knoll, told parliament that the privatisation would save $10 million, but he told local radio that it may not save the Government a single cent.

“He’s making it up as he goes along, and we still don’t know the real reasons why our public transport services are being handed over to big business.”