Train and tram workers to fight against privatisation scam

Public transport privatisation is a scam that will see service standards reduced, jobs lost, and South Australian commuters fleeced, according to the Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU).


RTBU South Australian Branch Secretary Darren Phillips today said workers would launch a massive public campaign to keep train and tram services in public hands.

“South Australia’s rail and tram services belong to the people, not to Steven Marshall and Stephan Knoll.

“The only reason a private company would want to run a train or tram service is to make money out of it, at the expense of both taxpayers and travelers.

“In Victoria, the private operators of the train and tram networks drained $350 million in profits from that state’s public transport system in just seven years.

“Mass transit services should be run by the people, for the people – not for the profits of overseas companies and their shareholders.”


Mr Phillips said the experience of other states showed that Stephan Knoll’s rationale for privatisation was based on smoke and mirrors.

“We know that recent customer survey results show greater satisfaction with publicly-run tram and train services over the privately-run bus services.

“The experience of the so-called ‘franchise model’ for transport across Australia has shown that privatisation does not work. It leads to increased costs, reduced services, and worse outcomes for passengers.

“With wages flat lining across the country the SA economy will not be helped if tram and train employees’ wages go backward.

“In short, privatisation is a scam, and one that the people of South Australia are not going to fall for.

“The solution to better public transport is investment in infrastructure and commitment to services. We need a real plan to grow public transport in South Australia, not just excuses for flogging it off.”