Time to clear the air on Adelaide Station

All of us deserve to have a clean and safe working environment – that’s why we need to ensure conditions inside Adelaide Station are not posing a danger to the health and wellbeing of rail workers.

RTBU_Clear_The_Air_FB_Pic.jpegThe RTBU has written to the Rail Commissioner demanding copies of all documentation relating to air quality and layers of soot on the platforms and surrounding areas inside the station.

Members who work at Adelaide Station have advised the RTBU of a number of health complaints, with concerns that they may be related to exposure to diesel fumes and emissions from rail vehicles.  These complaints have included irritated eyes, shortness of breath, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and coughing.  We’re particularly concerned that exposure to diesel fumes inside the confined areas of the station, over a significant period of time, may be putting members at risk of medical conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and heart disease.

Diesel fumes

Furthermore, diesel fumes have been declared to be carcinogenic by the World Health Organisation.  The potential for exposure to diesel fumes to lead to lung and bladder problems is extremely worrying.  While we do not believe this should prevent the continuing use of diesel locomotives in South Australia, we cannot ignore the potential harmful effects of diesel fumes in the workplace. 

The Full Story

We want to make sure that the South Australian Rail Commissioner will give an unequivocal assurance that Adelaide Station is safe and that your health is being protected. 

It is important that we gather all available evidence so that we can understand the full story of what is going on at Adelaide Station.  If you have had any health and physical issues that you believe may be caused, or made worse, by exposure to diesel fumes and soot inside Adelaide Station please contact the RTBU National Office.

All personal information will be treated in confidence and with respect.