Safety - not surveillance

The RTBU will always put the interests of our members FIRST when it comes to responding to attempts by management to introduce invasive electronic surveillance technologies such as in-cab cameras. Have your say by completing by confidential online survey here.

Safety - not surveillance

Our members have consistently argued that the best way to improve safety is to invest in safety devices that prevent accidents from happening and mitigate risk, rather than install invasive CCTV and other forms of electronic surveillance that only provide limited input after an accident has already occurred.

We have warned of serious consequences if invasive surveillance technology is installed that will undermine and disrupt day-to-day operations. This includes privacy breaches, zero trust, anxiety, low workplace morale and fatigue.

The best way to improve safety is to provide support for employees and invest in safety measures and systems to prevent accidents, including:

  • Better rostering;
  • Better working environment; and
  • Installing pre-engineering devices rather than post incident recording devices.

Workers know best when it comes to what needs to change to improve safety.

That's why we want to hear from you - your experiences and ideas about safety in the workplace. Your feedback will help us fight back against management's attempts to install invasive in-cab cameras and other forms of draconian, Big Brother-style surveillance.