SA Govt introduces tough new penalties for assaulting transport workers

The South Australian Government has introduced tough new penalties for people found guilty of assaulting public transport workers.



Under the new laws, assaulting a bus, train or tram driver would now be an "aggravated" offence, punishable by up to 25 years in prison.

The RTBU has been campaigning to reduce violence on public transport around Australia - through better protection for public transport workers and stronger penalties for anti-social and violent behaviour.

RTBU SA/NT Brach Secretary Darren Phillips said the impact of violence on transport workers and their families was very significant.

"These new deterrents will no doubt have a positive effect in the prevention of future violent assaults against public transport workers on general.

"The people who work on our public transport network are there to do a job for the community.

"Sadly, there are a number of incidents where public transport workers are being assaulted.

"No-one deserves to be attacked or injured while they are performing their duties at work. Public transport users should not have to put up with this either.

"We therefore welcome the public awareness campaign against violent and anti-social behaviour whereby public transport customers are encouraged to provide information which leads to the arrest and conviction of violent offenders. and thugs."