RTBU Flood Relief Appeal

The RTBU's Flood Relief appeal is now closed.


We set out to provide financial assistance to RTBU members affected by the recent floods.

Our fund-raising campaign, which has now closed, saw members from across the country generously put their hands in their pockets in order to help out.

To provide a summary:

  • We received a total $14,788 in donations
  • Go Fund Me charged $346.64 in platform fees (incl. tax)
  • The balance we had for applicants was $14,441.36
  • 15 RTBU members applied to the fund for financial relief
  • 14 were granted relief and paid the maximum $1000
  • 1 application was refused as the damage was due to storm and not flood which
    meant it fell outside the legal criteria necessary to grant relief
  • The unused balance of $441.36 was donated to Red Cross QLD and NSW Floods
    Appeal. We rounded it up to $442.

For transparency, please find attached:

  • Official documentation provided by Go Fund Me with details on the total amount
    collected and fees charged;
  • Official letter from Giri Sivaraman from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers who was the
    Independent Chair of the fund confirming the amounts were actually paid to the 14
  • successful RTBU member applicants;
    Confirmation of the balance donated to the Red Cross.

We thank you for your kindness and generosity, and hope the assistance the fund provided to those in need helped them through this difficult time.


Mark Diamond