Rob Lucas' disgraceful attack on South Australian workers

Rob Lucas’ disgraceful personal attack on rail workers shows that he is not fit to be the Treasurer of South Australia.


Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) SA/NT Secretary Darren Phillips today said Rob Lucas would rather pay million-dollar contracts to Sydney-based fat cat executives than give South Australian workers a fair go.

“Mr Lucas thinks South Australian rail workers are ‘utterly tone deaf’ for seeking pay and conditions that are equivalent to people doing the same work in other states.," said Mr Phillips.

"Why does he think South Australian workers are worth less?

“This is the bloke who is privatising South Australian jobs in the middle of an economic crisis.

"How’s that for out of touch?

“Rob Lucas’ rail privatisation plan has been such a fiasco that he had to offer bidders a million-dollar loser’s fee just to stop them from pulling out.

“How’s that for wasting taxpayers’ money?

“He even gave his own Media Advisor a six per cent pay rise, while attacking rail workers for asking for four per cent. 

"How’s that for sheer brazen hypocrisy?

“Mr Lucas is showing no respect for South Australian workers, or for the South Australian people.

“Rail workers want a fair Enterprise Agreement that protect jobs, protect services and protect the safety of both workers and the community.

“We’re prepared to sit down and negotiate in good faith to achieve these objectives.”


Mr Phillips said Premier Steven Marshall needs to pull his Treasurer into line.

“If the Treasurer has nothing constructive to add, Steven Marshall should tell him to butt out and let the negotiating teams get on with the job.”