Privatisation would puts profits before passengers

South Australian Transport Minister Stephan Knoll MP yesterday could not rule out privatisation of Adelaide metropolitan train and tram services.

Adelaide_Metro_Glenelg_Tram_(Flexity_Classic).JPGRTBU SA/NT Secretary Darren Phillips today said the privatisation of public transport services would impact on children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

"The Liberals' short track record in Government is appalling in this space, and is highlighted by their archaic privatisation agenda.

"We agree with the comments made by the Opposition Leader on this matter.

"Privatisation would ultimately lead to increased fares as a private operator would seek to make a profit from what is now a public asset.

"This would occur along the same lines as what happened with the privatisation of the state's electricity assets."


Mr Phillips said RTBU Members were disappointed that Minister failed to express confidence in them and the essential public service they provide every day.

"The South Australian Government's privatisation agenda is a real concern for South Australians.

"We have seen the net result of past privatisation. There is a growing body of evidence that privatisation does not delivery public services more cheaply.

"Cuts to public transport services impact on those who can least afford it and are most vulnerable in our community - include children travelling to and from school, and the elderly or people with disabilities who cannot drive.

"Privatisation is not in the public interest."