Your Entitlements Q&A

The following is provided for members' information.

Make sure you read your Enterprise Agreement carefully to gain a full understanding of your entitlements. If you are unsure please phone a delegate or organiser.

What is the relevant Enterprise Agreement for me?

There are several Enterprise Agreements in place across Pacific National, As we understand there are three predominant agreements in place at the affected sites. These agreements are:

PN has also engaged a number of employees on Appointment Agreements (AAs). Employees on these agreements mostly fall within the scope of the Enterprise Agreements, meaning that the Enterprise Agreement that covers your area prevails over the Appointment Agreement and you are entitled to nothing less than your EA. There may be some exceptions and we advise members on AAs to check with us to clear up any uncertainty.

What are my Redundancy entitlements?

Redundancy provisions are consistent across the three Enterprise Agreements: 4 weeks of pay for each year of service up to a maximum of eighty weeks.

What if I'm transferred to another location?

The following clauses outline entitlements and we encourage members to read them in their entirety. These clauses outline all associated entitlements such as travel to and from new site, temporary accommodation, removal costs, Stamp Duties and mortgage insurance etc.

The Coal and Bulk EAs have a further provision regarding closure of depots and a redundancy provision if the new location is more than 10kms from the old location.

Pacific National also has a transfer and resettlement policy. This policy would apply to only those outside the scope of the Enterprise Agreement. If the benefit in the policy is more favourable then the EA, it would be up to PN to choose whether to apply it.

What are my Salary Maintenance entitlements?

The following clauses outline Salary Maintenance Entitlements

What does my agreement say about internal transfer of work?

Each EA has a provision for where the company restructures and changes its Business Units. This recently happened when the NSW Vic business was formed.

What about company restructures?

The NSW Coal agreement has an extra provision regarding restructures. This provision requires that where an employee fulfils the criteria as set out in the position description then they will be directly appointed. See clause C2.4.

If you have any specific questions about your entitlements please contact your local RTBU Delegate or Organiser, or send an email to ...


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