Passengers and workers are all in it together when it comes to safety

Public transport workers today launched a campaign to improve safety on trains, trams and buses across Australia.

RTBU_Your_Bus_(F)__My_Office_FB_Boost_small.jpgRTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva said the Your Public Transport, Our Safety campaign will stress that trains, trams and buses are not just vehicles, they are also workplaces.

“Most people pass through a station or ride on train, tram or bus on their way to their place of work.  But for RTBU members, that is their place of work.

“Imagine how you would feel if a random stranger walked into your office and started abusing you and abusing others, or even started a fight.

“That’s the sort of disturbing and stressful situation that public transport workers face every single day.”


Mr Nanva said the campaign was inspired by the tragic death of Brisbane bus driver Manmeet Sharma last October.

“We want to work constructively with public transport operators on this campaign because we see a clear mutual interest in tackling public transport safety.

“If passengers do not feel safe on their local public transport services, they'll think twice about using them.

“It is vital for the whole industry that we make public transport as safe as possible.”

Mr Nanva said the campaign would include the distribution of posters and bumper stickers, a social media video, and a national survey of public transport workers to identify local solutions to safety issues.

The Union will also hold a National Day of Respect for Public Transport Workers in November.