Minister agrees to consider RTBU solutions to Tasmania's bus crisis

Representatives of the RTBU met with Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael Ferguson on Tuesday 21 February 2023.

It was an amicable and constructive meeting and the Minister took our concerns seriously.

We highlighted the fact it is not so much a driver recruitment issue, but more an actual retention problem.

For every ten drivers that Metro recruits, another 20 are leaving because they are fed up with the working conditions.

The RTBU also put forward a number of potential solutions, including the employment of Transit Officers on buses and protective screens for drivers, among other things.

The Minster indicated he is prepared to consider our suggestions.

As agreed, the RTBU will now write to the Minister to propose a formal working group to examine these measures, and others, in detail.

There is a lot of work to, but the RTBU is determined to work with the State Government, Metro management and the broader community to ensure Tasmanians have access to a safe, reliable and affordable public transport network.

Ric Bean, RTBU Tasmanian Branch Secretary