Marshall's privatisation plan has gone off the rails

Allegations that the South Australia Government has offered a million dollar ‘loser’s fee’ to companies bidding for the Adelaide Metro rail franchise show Steven Marshall’s train privatisation plan has gone off the rails.


RTBU SA/NT Secretary Darren Phillips today said the alleged secret deal to pay bidders was a scandal and should be referred to ICAC.

“The privatisation process is so flawed that the State Government is apparently paying companies just to take part,” Darren said.

“In good times, privatisation is foolish. In bad times, privatisation is a disaster.

“Privatising rail during a pandemic will put the health and safety of commuters and workers at risk, and will lead to more job losses in the middle of an economic crisis.

“To rub salt into the wounds, the State Government is trying to flog off public assets at the bottom of the market.

“Public transport patronage has dropped off a cliff right around the world due to COVID-19, so it is hardly surprising that private companies are staying away.

“Continuing with the privatisation plan in these conditions is worse than negligent – it’s an absolute scandal."

Secrecy continues

Darren said the secrecy around the privatisation process was deeply concerning.

"What else haven’t they told us?" he said

“Why is this Government hell-bent on privatising public services at the expense of the South Australian people?

“The people of South Australia deserve to know what is going on, and why.”