A powerful new suicide prevention play, written by an RTBU member, is now showing in Melbourne.


Written by an RTBU member the play has travelled from the lonely death of a local actor to a partnership with one of Victoria's most revered Theatre Companies, The MTC.

Not only that but Australian towns are booking it in as they see it as an attack on the prevailing silence, as does The Australian Defence Force who have booked two private shows for their top brass. If they approve it they intend to tour it to all their bases.  

So to celebrate the success and the support of the RTBU we are offering all RTBU members a special deal.

Click on the book now button then enter the code "RTBU" to have the tickets reduced by $10.00 each. 

So why not come and see what all the fuss is about.!


Southbank Theatre, The Lawler

18 -28 September 2019

140 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank Victoria 3006




“I think it's bloody fabulous. I was totally engrossed. Usually a fidget when I'm in a theatre, but l was just waiting with baited breath to see what the next character would say. Wondering if these lost souls would find their answer. While struggling to work out what answers they want to hear. 

I really loved that you touched this issue. I think this is why people don't really take people serious with suicide thoughts / threats as it's such a taboo subject they are not sure they're serious . Writing about this and putting it into such a magnificent play brings up the subject and we all discuss it ....and if we all discuss it more often when people who suffer from depression tell a friend a colleague or a loved one their suicidal thoughts they maybe listened to seriously as it won't be such a taboo subject anymore.

Beautifully written while falling in love with these character's / tortured souls and im sure the audience can relate at some level either on a personal level or friends and family.. This is personally close to my heart as l have suffered depression for 7 years in the past.

I was very suicidal I attempted a few times . A few years ago when I was depressed again for a short period through my divorce I thought about it a few times, but I have a rule that I always wait till the next day to see how good it is and surprisingly I do have a good day and I thank god that I never did it. And I think this is how most of those men felt ... if they could have just waited one more day just to wait and to speak to somebody. 

I will go so far as to say this play will save lives ! Well  done ... !!!!!

-Alicia Mann Mckirdy



“Michael is an outstanding playwright. He has a great gift in creating uneasy ripples under everyday events and conversation, placing them with a strong ambience. His talent is matched only by his compassion.”

Aarne Neemie, Director


 “Michael’s characters can steal open the chambers of the flintiest hearts”

Morris Lurie, Writer


“Remarkable . . . A phenomenally writer”

 Aubrey Mellor


"Staff is utterly delightful yet it covers much of the angst suffered by the lowly paid working woman."

Ralph Mclean, RRR


“You write without fear and yet with a keen sense of both heart and responsibility. You has a good nose for story and a sharp sense of unrest and disquiet. There is enormous truth at the core of his work and you are relentless in your pursuit of it."

Chris Mead MTC