Labor’s AdeLINK funding lays bare Turnbull’s hypocrisy on public transport

The AdeLINK tram network is a critical national transport infrastructure priority and deserves bi-partisan support, according to the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU).

Adelaide_Metro_Glenelg_Tram_(Flexity_Classic).JPGRTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva today said Federal Labor’s commitment to the AdeLINK network was major show of confidence in the project, and showed that at least one side of politics understood the need for urgent investment in public transport.

“When it comes to public transport, it’s clear that Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese get it. 

“Malcolm Turnbull, however, seems more interested in taking photos of himself than fixing the country’s ever-growing transport crisis.

“The AdeLINK tram network will fundamentally change the way people move around Adelaide.

“The RTBU is very supportive of expanding light rail in Adelaide in conjunction with the existing heavy rail network.

“It is the sort of project that we need to see in all our major cities, and it is a project that all parties should be supporting.”

Building roads is only half the answer

Bob Nanva said commuters across Australia are sick and tired of crowded trains, unreliable services and long hours spent travelling to and from work. 

“Transport congestion is a dead weight on the national economy, and it requires a national solution.  That’s why we need our national politicians to take action, and to start investing in better public transport networks.

“Building roads is only half the answer.  Our major cities need better public transport, and they need it now.”

Public Transport doesn't run on selfies

Mr Nanva said Malcolm Turnbull’s hypocrisy on public transport could become a major embarrassment for the Liberals over the remainder of the election campaign. 

“Public transport doesn’t run on selfies – it runs on money.

“Malcolm Turnbull talks a big game on public transport, but in practice his Government is still trapped inside Tony Abbott’s single-minded obsession with roads.

“The Liberals need to get on board projects like the AdeLINK tram expansion, otherwise Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to act on public transport will be go down alongside his other famous failures on the republic and same sex marriage.”

Enough dithering, just #FixMyRide

Bob Nanva said the RTBU would be campaigning aggressively over the election period to pressure all sides of politics over rail and public transport issues.

 “Australians have had enough dithering over transport.  This will be a public transport election, and politicians who don’t get on board now will simply miss the bus.”

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