Keep Super Safe

Australian Unions built the most successful financial story in Australia – industry superannuation. Now Malcolm Turnbull wants to dismantle it. 

The Turnbull Government is proposing changes that will hand over our super to the big banks. I’m asking you to contact the cross-bench Senators and tell them to vote to stop this.

Industry superannuation has low fees and high returns because they are run in the interests of their members, not to make profits for banks. All profits are returned to members, there are no sales people and it is secure. All of this is at risk if Turnbull succeeds in letting the big banks get their hands on our super.

If you’re young these changes will cost you the most. You could end up paying up to a quarter of your retirement savings in fees. We can’t let this happen.

After a lifetime of work and saving, you deserve better than that.

We built superannuation. Now we need to defend it.

Australian Unions Team