Industrial action comes after three years of stonewalling

Today’s industrial action at Adelaide Metro has come about due the Rail Commissioner’s stonewalling tactics over pay and conditions for public transport workers, the Rail Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) said today.

Adelaide_train.jpgRTBU SA/NT Branch Secretary Darren Phillips said it was very disappointing that commuters would be left waiting for a train, but RTBU members had been left waiting for a new Enterprise Agreement for 900 days.

“Until now, the Rail Commissioner has tried every stonewalling tactic under the sun.

“We have been restricted to negotiating with ‘consultants’ who don’t have the power to make any decisions.  Meetings have been scheduled on ad-hoc basis, and even then the consultants could only stay for two hours at a time.

“After three years rail workers have resorted to the only tactic they left to get the Rail Commissioner’s attention - taking industrial action.”

Encouraging signs

Mr Phillips said while there were some encouraging signs in last-minute negotiations yesterday, workers would proceed with today’s action as planned.

“Workers will be attending a mass meeting today to hear a report back on the latest negotiations, and to decide on our next steps.”