In-Principle Agreement reached on PNI Train Crew roll-over

After robust negotiations, an “in-principle agreement” agreement has been reached with Pacific National on a rollover position for the new PIN Intermodal Train Crew EA.


The negotiating team has locked in the following terms for RTBU members:

  • A two-year Agreement
  • 2.5 per cent pay rise per year over the two years
  • A $500 bonus upon ratification in the first year
  • A $500 bonus on the anniversary in the second year
  • A Rollover EA which means not one condition lost

“These Negotiations have been quite extraordinary on many levels, and extremely challenging, but the outcome for RTBU Members is a good one,” said National Organiser Leanne Holmes.

“The Negotiating Team was given a mandate by the membership, and they have delivered.”

From here, both the RTBU and PN’s legal people will ensure that the EA is FWC compliant, to ensure that any changes that have been legislated since the last EA are reflected in this one.

Once that process has been completed, PN will open the access period (the time where Members review the proposed EA). And once that has finished, voting on the proposed agreement will commence.