Delegate Roles & Responsibilities

What does an RTBU delegate do?

The job of a Delegate is to act as the Union representative in the place or area. In conjunction with the Officers of the Union, the duty of a Delegate is to advance and protect the interests of the Union and the wages, conditions and welfare of its members by the following means:

  • Promoting the Union, its activities and the benefits of membership, including participating in induction sessions for new employees;
  • Enrolling persons into the Union at the workplace and maintaining a high standard of financial membership;
  • Providing assistance to any member of the Union requiring it, including assisting in the resolution of disputes;
  • Promoting and campaigning for improved conditions of employment in the workplace and/or industry;
  • Negotiating or assisting in negotiating enterprise agreements including by preparing members’ claims, representing the Union during negotiations and communicating regularly with members and Officers;
  • Encouraging and promoting the training of Delegates and of members in matters affecting their conditions of employment and participating in such training where appropriate;
  • Dealing with instances of a breach of any industrial instrument or Union policy or regulation applying at the workplace;
  • Dealing with occupational health and safety issues, including instances of any unguarded or dangerous machinery or hazardous working conditions at the workplace;
  • Distributing or disseminating all notices, newsletters, documents and messages sent by the union
  • Complying with any reasonable request of an Officer of the Union.

At the request of a Branch Secretary or Organiser, a Delegate may be required to provide a report as to:

  • The name, address, work location and contact details of members at the workplace, including information regarding members who have commenced or left employment or changed their contact details;
  • The names and work locations of all persons employed at the workplace who are eligible to be members of the Union but who are not;
  • Relevant information regarding the employer, including any changes to the legal status, or address of the employer;
  • Any instance of breach of the industrial instrument, Union policy or other regulation;
  • Any industrial dispute;
  • Any matter that concerns the Union or its members.

What can't an RTBU Delegate do?

It is contrary to the Rules of the Union for any Delegate to threaten, encourage or engage in unprotected industrial action as defined by the relevant legislation.

Not sure about your role as an RTBU Delegate?

If you have any questions or concerns about your role and responsibilities as an RTBU Delegate make sure you contact your Branch and we'll provide you with the support you need.