Aurizon network controllers take strike action

Workers in Aurizon’s Rockhampton Control room commenced an indefinite period of work bans and rolling stoppages at midnight last night.  The action will see coal trains grinding to a halt in Central Queensland.

moura_line_loco_close_up_high.jpgRTBU Queensland President Bruce Mackie said Aurizon had underestimated the level of anger among the workforce after failed negotiations on pay and conditions.

"Workers across Aurizon have suffered cuts in conditions, a consistent barrage of cost cutting and workshop closures. They have had enough.

"Workers have been forced to take action because Aurizon has walked away from the negotiating table.

"Aurizon is now trying to get its 'wage and condition cut' agreement voted up in the workplace.

"Aurizon workers are fed up with the multimillion dollar executive pay packets being pocketed by Aurizon executives, while workers are being offered a wage reductions."

Mr Mackie warned this is the first volley in what could be long campaign unless Aurizon agree to come back to the negotiation table with a better package and improved attitude to its workforce.

"It's simple, workers want a fair deal and the constant attacks on their wages and condition to stop.

"With this being the first of several workplace agreements due for re negotiation this year at Aurizon, if Aurizon don't start listening to their workforce it could be a long year."