‘Holla for a Marshall’ - because you won’t find a security guard

The cuts to public transport keep coming as the Marshall Government ‘fattens the cow’ ready for impending privatisation.


Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) SA/NT Secretary Darren Phillips today said the State Government had removed Security Guards from night-time Grange train services, and had plans to remove them from all evening train services.

“Removing Security Guards from trains will put the safety of passengers and staff at risk.

“This is simply about cost-cutting to make the privatisation of services more attractive for potential private operators.”


Mr Phillips said the Government has failed to consider the impact of these cuts on rail patronage.

“Passenger Services Assistants and Security Guards were introduced to all services after 7pm in the early 2000s.

“The resulting increase to patronage led to additional half hourly services being scheduled.

“With the removal of Security Guards, passengers will inevitably feel less safe and secure, and less likely to travel by rail.

“Of course, we can expect Transport Minister Stephan Knoll to cynically use the fall in patronage caused by these cuts as a justification for bringing in private operators.

“The Marshall Liberal Government thinks passengers are a few cents short of a fare, but the reality is that the community can see straight through their disingenuous spin.”


Mr Phillips said a public rally opposing the Marshall Government’ s privatisation agenda would be held at 11am at Parliament House on Sunday 13 October.

“Come the rally, say no to cuts, and say no to privatisation,” Mr Phillips said.