Railtrain EA 2017

Pacific National Intermodal EA 2017

Fix My Ride

Our rail and public transport networks are crying out for investment, but the Federal Government is failing to build the transport infrastructure we desperately need. This Federal election, tell Australia's politicians to #FixMyRide.

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PN National Operations Centre

The RTBU is fighting to protect the rights of workers at Pacific National operations sites across Australia.  

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Build a Better Future

Our living standards are what make Australia a great place to live and now they are under significant attack.

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Truth in Bargaining

Big business cannot always be trusted to play fair or tell the truth.  That's why the RTBU is leading the push to force companies to be honest and transparent when negotiating new enterprise agreements with their workers.

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A Fair Go for Transport Workers

Decent pay, safe working conditions, and access to high-quality training are some of the most important issues facing transport workers.

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Secure Work

One in four Australian employees – over 2 million workers – are casual employees, with no job security and no right to paid leave, even when they get sick.  Australia has one of the highest rates of casual employment in the developed world.

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Fare's Fair

The underlying principle for charging public transport use in Australian cities is that the longer you travel, the more you pay.

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Rail to Badgerys Creek

A modern airport needs modern land transport connections. That's why there must be a rail link to the new Western Sydney Airport.

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