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The RTBU has surveyed members affected by the proposed Pacific National Operations Centre.

83 per cent of members surveyed indicated they believed Pacific National was not being genuine in their approach to consultation.

Here are some of your responses to the survey questions:

Would you consider moving to North Sydney for the planned National Operations Centre?  (If no, please give reason).

Many members indicated that the cost of living in Sydney, and the difficulty of moving their family to another city, made the option of relocating to Sydney unsatisfactory or impossible.

"Cost of living makes it unviable."

"I don't want to live in Sydney, how can we afford it?"

"North Sydney is the most expensive place to live in Australia, my family’s lives will be turned upside down. It's also too expensive in Sydney real estate wise."

"No rest between shifts, increase cost for travel and parking."

"They are going to make us reapply for jobs at a lower rate."

"Unable to relocate, affordability, my family and all which is important to me are here, cost of living, commuting will be prohibitive."

"I have a young family which I cannot foresee being able to commute or live away during the work week without them, Sydney is also too expensive to move to."

"Cost of relocation and travel time."

"Without some flexibility unable to pick up child before after school care closes."

"Higher cost of living heavy city traffic travel time to and from work or cost of housing and most of my family live in and around Newcastle."

"I can't justify moving my family increasing my mortgage to satisfy this business decision."

Do you believe Pacific National is being genuine in its consultation approach? If no, what should PN be doing?

Many members expressed frustration that PN was giving insufficient information about its plans, or beinf misleading in what it was telling employees.

"Minimal information, update, people need to plan things outside PN if leaving, no set date."

"Stop lying to us."

"Be more transparent with timeframes."

"There has been no consultation, only notice that the move will happen."

"Very few updates with little useful information."

"Updates and a little understanding."

"If they want NOC it should be in Newcastle, Employees could travel from Parramatta, and employees in other PN live run could move to Newcastle due to being much cheaper to live."

"Giving a lot more information and being honest."

"More information on the process for employees currently employed in the proposed employment and redundancy process."

"A working plan for how it will work and what positions are needed."

"Very little communication."

"They should have approach the employees about possible places instead of making a decision to have it at the most expensive place to live in Australia."

"Treating us with respect and actually consulting with us."

"We should be given a schedule and firm dates for relocation so we have the opportunity to start looking for alternative work or be offered alternative work at Newcastle."

"Be more transparent in information given to employees communicate more often, engage employees."

"Minimal information update, people need to plan things outside PN if leaving, no set date."

Do you believe Pacific National has any concern for your welfare?

Members clearly feel that PN has shown scant regard for their welfare.

"No if they did they would be talking to staff about and date and training staff before move."

"Won't give us specific information to keep us in the business for as long as possible."

"How does PN expect a family of four to be able to afford a move to Sydney within a reasonable distance to the place of work? As it stands now, PN has told us that we have six months before the NOC is operational, yet how can we start looking for accommodation and schooling for our children before NOC dates, rolls, salaries have been confirmed."

"I had a meeting and explained I was finding it difficult to cope, left work in tears with no follow-up from management as to my welfare."

"I have no problem with the way it has been carried out we have continual access to Bob Jarvis who is answering all questions and follow up with feedback any questions he can't answer this has been missed."

"I've personally heard a manager say “we are trimming the fat” we are people!!!"

"Only senior management had a say where we moved as it's closer for them."

"Majority of staff live in Western suburbs where most companies are now decentralising to why are we going the other way
No. As a former freightcorp employee the contempt which management has been displaying since day one has finally been trumped by the latest Callow disregard the anything be managerial bonuses and ensure their positions."

"I've not seen or heard any manager ask anyone if they would be willing to work in Sydney and also if there was training or future prospects in our current locations We should be offered alternative local work I've been a loyal employee for 36 years but and are unable to relocate to Sydney."

"They are good at ticking boxes EAP are you okay day, if they were concerned with their welfare they would have been consultation, when your manager tells you after 12 years that there will be any there will not be any flexibility offered, but he will give you a good reference, it's a pretty good indication that he doesn't care."


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