Urgent Notice re NSW Branch Elections

In the past few days you should have received your ballot papers for the RTBU elections from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).  Unfortunately, a number of technical errors have occurred with the ballot papers and with the mail-out.  The AEC is currently developing a strategy to ensure all Members are given the correct ballot papers as quickly as possible.

RTBU_National_Logo_NEW.jpgFor your information, the following errors have been found with the ballot papers:

  1. On the ballot paper for the election of the NSW Branch Secretary, candidate CLEAR, Tony is listed as Driver, Hornsby. This should be Driver, Newcastle Interchange.
  2. Some NSW Locomotive Division members have received ballot papers for the election of Rail Operations Division Delegates to National Council.
  3. Some NSW Locomotive Division members have received ballot paper for the election of Locomotive Division Delegates to National Council that advise to mark TWO (2) boxes with an X. This is incorrect, as voters should make FOUR (4) boxes with an X.
  4. Some ballot papers give a return date of 24 September 2014. The correct date is, obviously, 24 September 2018.

If you have received incorrect ballot papers, or have any other questions about the ballot papers you have received, please contact the AEC directly on 9375 6361.

In Unity,

Allan Barden