Training the workers today to perform the jobs of tomorrow

Labor’s proposed Rail Technology Campus at Chullora will help ensure Australia rail workforce is fit-for-purpose in a rapidly changing industry.

Rail_infr_workers_1_copy.jpgRTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva today said new technology was having a massive impact on the rail industry.

"The jobs of tomorrow on the railways will bear little resemblance to the jobs of yesterday.

"But there will always be a need for skilled workers who understand the technicalities of rail, and the complexities of modern transport networks.

"That's why we have to make sure that our training systems and institutions can keep pace with the latest industry developments.

"The proposed Rail Technology Campus will fill a critical gap in the rail sector's skills development framework."


Mr Nanva said a tri-partite approach to skills development involving industry, unions and government would ensure the project delivered for the national interest, rather than for vested interests.

"The current Federal Government has consistently allowed its mates in big business to jump straight to the head of the queue.

"It's time for a more sensible, considered and collaborative approach to public policy and decision-making.

"Bringing industry, unions and governments together is the most effective way to solve problems, and to ensure the public interest is always served."