Nanva calls for Abetz to be sacked

Federal Employment Minister Senator Eric Abetz should be the first Cabinet Minister to be shown the door by new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, according to the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU). 

RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva said Senator Abetz was incapable of delivering a sensible industrial relations reform agenda.

“Australia is crying out for a more collaborative and constructive approach to workplace relations – where the national interest is put before ideology.

“Senator Abetz, however, has proven himself to be a relic of a bygone era – more intent on stubbornly pursuing a war against workers than delivering genuine reform."


Bob Nanva said Senator Abetz had shown he was not fit to be Employment Minister by defending the right of employees to mislead their workers during enterprise negotiations.

“Senator Abetz’s relationship with the truth has always been problematic.  He famously claimed that Australia was facing a ‘wages explosion’, even though wage growth was and still is at historical low levels.

“He has since argued that requiring employers to back up their claims with facts during enterprise negotiations would be ‘absolutely disastrous’.

“Senator Abetz’s disrespectful and ignorant attitude towards millions of working Australians has been emblematic of the Coalition’s Governments dismal failure to connect with voters.

“Prime Minister Turnbull must get rid of this serial non-performer, and give the job to someone who is prepared to work constructively with both capital and labour.”


Bob Nanva also called on Prime Minister Turnbull to adopt Labor’s position on Truth in Bargaining, and enact laws to protect the integrity of enterprise negotiations.

“Truth in Bargaining is an important reform that will deliver greater confidence in the enterprise agreement system, and help prevent debilitating workplace disputes.

“The ALP Platform committed to developing a disclosure framework, with appropriate safeguards, for information that is relied on in denying a workforce claim during negotiations.

 “This is a moderate, fair and eminently sensible reform whose time has come.”


Prime Minister Turnbull has just announced his new Cabinet, and Senator Abetz has indeed been sacked.

Bye bye Eric, bye bye.