Keep freight on Aussie trains

The Federal Government has been caught out trying to deregulate coastal shipping, which could have catastrophic consequences for Australia's intermodal rail freight sector.

Keep freight on Aussie trains

This could be enormously damaging to the Australian rail freight sector, putting thousands of jobs at risk.  It also means that the Inland Rail project could become a massive white elephant before it’s even built.

Australian firms have to abide by Australian laws, but foreign shippers:

  • Don’t have to pay Australian taxes;
  • Don’t have to meet Australian safety standards; and
  • Don’t employ Australian workers.

This proposal will literally send Australian rail jobs offshore.

We can all play a part in stopping this attack on Australian transport jobs by sending an email to Federal Transport Minister Barnaby Joyce, and tell him to keep freight on Aussie trains.

Click here to send a message to Barnaby Joyce.