How to Recruit in Your Workplace

2015-05-03_23.27.41.jpg"I never joined because nobody asked me to ..."

Workers are always stronger when they are united together within a Union - but Unions don't just happen by themselves.

We all have a responsibility to make our Union strong, and to encourage our colleagues into the RTBU family.

That's why it's so important to ask your colleagues if they are a member of the RTBU.  And if they're not - point them in the right direction!

The best way to get your colleagues to sign up is to simply have a discussion with them about why they aren't a member and the reasons they should join up.

Why workers should join the RTBU

There are four key reasons why you can tell your colleagues they should join the RTBU.

  • Better wages and conditions - According the the Australian Bureau of Statistics union members earn on average 15% more than non union members.

  • Protection you can rely on - If you get treated unfairly at work, the union is there to help you out.

  • We've got to stick together - Workers are stronger when they are united, and weakest when they are divided. With more members, unions are more democratic, and there are more people to share the load.

  • A position of strength - To be in a good bargaining position at our workplace, we need everyone to be in the RTBU.

Workers can join the RTBU by contacting their local Branch, or they get the process started by filling out our online joining form.