First priorty must be to fix Metro

Rail Tram and Bus Union Tasmanian Secretary Byron Cubit today called on all sides of politics to fully explain how they will fix Tasmania’s public transport system.


“Cheaper fares and free fares are well and good, but what’s the point of a cut-price ticket for a bus that doesn’t turn up?" Mr Cubit said.

“The first priority for public transport has to be fixing Metro Tasmania and rebuilding Metro’s decimated workforce.

“Once Metro has been stabilised, then it will be in a position to restore and expand the timetable - so that Tasmanians can access the public transport services they need and deserve.

“We are concerned, however, that cheaper fares will further erode Metro’s financial sustainability, and make it even harder for Metro to compete for bus drivers - leading to even more cancellations.

“Cheaper fares must be paid for by increased government subsidy, not by raiding Metro’s meagre revenue base.”