Fair Work Commission pulls up Aurizon on “Classification Creep”

The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission this week endorsed the RTBU's position that employees cannot be forced to train in duties outside of their classification.

Scales_of_justice.jpgRTBU National Lawyer Mark Diamond said the dispute arose when Aurizon tried to force its Shunters to train in new tasks that were previously done by a higher paid role. 

The Full Bench found that clause 29.4 of the Agreement limited Aurizon's ability to train employees to tasks that fell within their classification which the new tasks were not.

"Employers must have some flexibility to train employees and then direct them to do new tasks however a sensible line needs to be drawn especially when an enterprise agreement clearly provides limitations,” Mr Diamond said.

“In this instance, Commissioner Spencer even spent time at the site to understand the new tasks and to consider whether they would fall within the classification. Her process and findings were extremely thorough.

“Aurizon should remember its classifications are there for a reasons and classification creep to the detriment of union members will not be tolerated."