Delegates discussion board lights up

A new Facebook Discussion Board has been set up to allow RTBU Delegates to share information discuss workplace issues.


The ‘closed’ group will be a safe and secure online space for information about campaigning organising, managing workplace disputes and other topics.

National Organiser (and former Delegate) Leanne Holmes said Delegates were the heart and soul of the RTBU.

“It’s the most important role in the Union, but it can also be very challenging – and at times quite isolating,” Leanne said.

“That’s why it is so important for Delegates to connect with each other, and to support each other through the good times and the difficult times.”

Leanne said Being a Delegate was a constant learning experience.

“You pick up so many skills and so much knowledge through being a Delegate - and if you don’t know the answer to something, it’s highly likely that someone else has been through the same thing before.”

Get involved!

South Australian Tram & Bus Delegate Lance Edwards and encouraged Delegates who are on Facebook to get involved.

“I think this page has got great potential,” Lance said.

“We’re all dealing with the same sort of issues, and many of us are now dealing with the same employers as well.

”One of the most important tasks of a delegate is to network.  This group has provided me with an opportunity to do this”

“I’m really looking forward to connecting with Delegates from other branches and other divisions.”

RTBU Delegates can join the group by clicking here or searching for RTBU Delegates Discussion Board on Facebook.