Bringing South Australia's passenger trains and trams back into public hands

The State Government’s decision to proceed directly to negotiations over a hand-back with the private operators of Adelaide’s passenger trains and tram services should help expedite the process, and bring the return of trains and trams to public hands one step closer.


RTBU South Australia/Northern Territory Secretary Darren Phillips today said transport workers were heartened by today’s announcement, and hope to see more details about the hand-back process in the coming weeks.

“While we understood the need for the State Government to go through a thorough process, you don’t need to engage an independent Commissioner to know that South Australians want to have control over their public transport services.

“With petrol prices going through the roof, it is more important than ever that South Australians have access to frequent, reliable and affordable public transport.

“Privatisation was always a bad deal for workers, commuters and taxpayers.”