Aurizon Says "No" to Kids at Christmas

Aurizon already has a reputation as Australia’s most obnoxious employer - but the company's attack on Christmas is low even by Aurizon standards!

Despite more than doubling its full year profits for 2014-15 to a whopping $604 million, Aurizon is now taking a cost cutting axe to Christmas.

In a bleak Christmas warning to staff at Aurizon’s Geraldton Depot, Aurizon has declared that it would be “unfair” for workers to bring their children to the staff Christmas Party.

Aurizon helpfully advised workers to “save embarrassment” by leaving their children at home.


Coincidentally, we’ve got some advice for Aurizon management, who in the future could “save embarrassment” by not sending such stupid and provocative messages to their workers.

Aurizon could also “save embarrassment” by recognising that sharing Christmas with children can actually be a pleasant, rewarding and positive experience!

Unlike Aurizon management, the RTBU would like to wish all rail and public transport workers and their families a safe and happy Christmas.