Way cleared for return of Tier 3 rail lines

The release of engineering review into the state of the Western Australia’s Tier 3 rail lines is crucial step towards to return of rail services to the wheatbelt region.


Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) WA Secretary Craig McKinley today said it was now up to the Western Australian and Federal Governments to turn the dream into a reality.

“We now know exactly what needs to be done,” Mr McKinley said.

“The consultants, Agonis, have looked into the options and determined that a rebuild of the below rail infrastructure would be the most cost-effective approach over the long-term.

“The Western Australian Government is supportive of the need to rebuild key sections of track, and the commitment to undertaking business cases is very heartening.

“We hope that the business case stage can be completed quickly, so we can move on to securing funding and getting construction underway.”


Mr McKinley said the Federal Government should also contribute to the cost of rebuilding the Tier 3 lines.

“Investment in productivity-boosting infrastructure will be crucial to Australia’s post-pandemic national economic recovery.

“The reconstruction of Tier 3 lines is exactly the sort of project that the Australian Government should be investing in.

“Western Australia’s coalition MPs should be getting in the ear of Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenburg and insisting that regional WA does not miss out on infrastructure funding in the next federal budget.”