Union Election 2022

Voting for contested positions will open on Monday 14 November 2022, and will close at 5pm AEDT on Monday 12 December.

Members will receive their ballots in the mail, and will be required to send the ballot papers back in a Postage Paid envelope to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

Tram and Bus Division members will vote in attendance ballots on 16-17 November in Victoria, and on 17 November in other branches.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has provided the RTBU with candidate statements from members nominating for elected positions which we have uploaded in the links below

Please note that some candidates may have withdrawn their nominations after this information was collected by the AEC.

There are no contested positions for the SA/NT Branch. Statements for candidates contesting NSW Branch positions have been published in the Branch member magazine and have not been reproduced here.

Candidate statements for National positions

Candidate statements for Victoria Branch positions

Candidate statements for Queensland positions

Candidate statements for Western Australian positions

Candidate statements for Tasmania Branch positions


The following members were elected to the RTBU National Executive:


National President

Victor Moore

National Secretary

Mark Diamond

Assistant National Secretary

Shayne Kummerfeld

National Vice President (Women)

Leanne Holmes

National Vice President (Rail)

James Styles

National Vice President (Road)

William Lekkas

Assistant National Secretary (Locomotive Division)

Keith McMahon

Assistant National Secretary (Rail Operations Division)

Darren Galea

Assistant National Secretary (Administrative, Supervisory, Technical & Professional Division)

Noel Morris

Assistant National Secretary (Infrastructure Division)

Trent Howard

Assistant National Secretary (Fleet Manufacture, Overhaul, Maintenance & Service Division

Greg Tatnell

Assistant National Secretary (Tram & Bus)

Phil Altieri

NSW Branch Secretary

Alex Claassens

Victoria Branch Secretary

Vik Sharma

Queensland Branch Secretary

Peter Allen

Western Australian Branch Secretary

Joshua Dekuyer

SA/NT Branch Secretary

Darren Phillips

Tasmania Branch Secretary

Ric Bean

Branch Delegate to National Executive (NSW)

Craig Turner

Branch Delegate to National Executive (NSW)

Farren Campbell

Branch Delegate to National Executive (NSW

David Babineau

Branch Delegate to National Executive (Vic)

Diego Esqueria

Branch Delegate to National Executive (Vic)

Cathy Birch

Branch Delegate to National Executive (Qld)

Carla Jones

Branch Delegate to National Executive (Qld)

TBC - recall election to be held


AEC Declarations of contested and uncontested national and branch positions can be accessed here.

Additional AEC declarations:

Uncontested positions - Tasmania Branch

Members can request a copy of the AEC's post election report from the RTBU National Office ([email protected]) or from the AEC.



Insufficient nominations were received for the following 4 national positions:

SA/NT Rail Operations Division

  • National Divisional Delegate from Branch to National Council (1)

WA Infrastructure Division

National Divisional Delegate from Branch to National Council (1)

QLD Branch

  • Branch Delegates to National Executive (1)

VIC Locomotive Division

  • National Divisional Delegates from Branch to National Council (1)

Under the RTBU Rules will now proceed to a recall election. Nominations open on 27 January 2023.

For a copy of the election notice and nomination forms click on the links below:

Election Notice

Nomination Form