Labor raises the bar on public transport, time for Turnbull to jump

Federal Labor’s huge commitment to rail and public transport – outlined by Bill Shorten at the Labor campaign launch today – has raised the bar for infrastructure investment in the Federal election campaign.

Fix_My_Ride_1080.jpgRail, Tram and Bus Union National Secretary Bob Nanva said Labor’s planned investment in passenger rail projects in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth would make Australian cities more efficient and productive, and create jobs.

“Everyone knows that congested cities are a dead weight on our national economy.  That’s why investing in critical economic infrastructure is a sure-fire way to boost productivity and unleash growth.

“While the Liberals spend plenty of time talking about public transport, Labor has taken the initiative and committed to real investments and real projects.

“This is what Australians have been demanding, and this is what Australia needs.”

No more vanity politics

Mr Nanva said Malcolm Turnbull had lost the plot, and was more interested in vanity politics and cheap pork barrelling than governing in the public interest.

“Malcolm Turnbull needs to stop taking photos of himself, stop using meaningless slogans, and start investing in a stronger economy.

“Malcolm Turnbull was once considered to be a formidable intellect and political leader, but now he thinks building netball courts in marginal seats is how to create ‘jobs and growth’.  He has become a national laughing stock.

“Bill Shorten has raised the bar on infrastructure investment and economic reform.

“Malcolm Turnbull has to put down his selfie stick, pull his head out of the pork barrel, and match Labor’s commitment to rail and public transport in our cities and in the country.”

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